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Author :Jeanette Foshee
License :Free for non-commercial use. license.txt
Icon Size :32x32px
Download : Download as windows format .ico for Windows  Download as Linux format .png for Linux  Download as Macintosh format .icns for Mac
Details :Simpsons Vol. 09 Icons Set contains 50 high quality icons as PNG, ICO and ICNS formats. This icons set includes: Bart Unabridged 3D Bart, Bart Unabridged 3D Bart, Bart Unabridged Bart blowing cheeks on glass, Bart Unabridged Bart faking injury, Bart Unabridged Bart reaching up, Bart Unabridged Colonel Bart Hapablat, Bart Unabridged Devilish Bart, Bart Unabridged Early drawn Bart, Bart Unabridged Nerdy Bart, Bart Unabridged Sick Bart, Folder Bart reaching up blue Icons.
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Icons in Simpsons Vol. 09 Set (50 Icons)

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